Google Maps design gurus to speak at RoadMap 2013


One of the quiet trends unfolding right in front of our eyes is the marriage of the physical and digital worlds. It is one of the reasons why despite doubters I remain a believer in Foursquare. And perhaps that is why I find Square, disruptive and a game changer.

Jonah JonesBut the biggest challenge of this symbiotic union of our physical and digital worlds is how we are going to interface with an increasing amount of data, that is becoming richer and complex. In the real world, our eyes, sense of smell and ability to hear allows us to paint a memory that sits in the deep crevices of our brains. The digital world doesn’t have the sensory context . . . yet. And that is why navigating through petabytes of data is a vexing problem.

Bernhard SeefeldA few months ago, when discussing the redesign of Google Maps, I posed the…

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